Welcome to Inside Africa Online, your online cash & carry.

We are currently a Wholesaler supplying over 150 shops within australia  and now we have the ONLINE RETAIL STORE with delivery anywhere in Australia.  Inside Africa Australia is your one stop shop for all your South African needs.

We are the Biggest and cheapest importers into New Zealand and we have been open for 20 years in New Zealand. In September 2020 we brought Inside Africa over to Australia with the plans to provide cheap deals here also. We are a family run business . Dad , Mom , Son  and Sister and off course now grandchildren.

Inside Africa is a South African family owned enterprise which began trading in Howick, Auckland in 2001. With the increasing population of South Africans moving to New Zealand and their need for South African produced products. It became apparent a larger store was required.

In 2003 Inside Africa moved into its new and much larger premises located in Botany South. The Botany South store quickly became known as the "Flagship store" and by 2005 Albany opened with Henderson following not long after. By 2006 Inside Africa Online was created so South Africans from all over the New Zealand could order the goods they require.

Inside Africa boasts a product range of over 2000 SA produced lines that is constantly evolving and changing with the market requirements. New and existing products are sourced and shipped constantly from South Africa to New Zealand with new shipments arriving every week. To meet the stock demand per store, a fleet of South African look-a-like taxi delivery vans are constantly delivering stock from Warehouse to stores on a daily basis.

While Inside Africa has quickly become a common brand name amongst South African families here in New Zealand, it has never moved away from its main focus of sourcing and providing up to date SA products at the lowest possible prices. Now you van have the same amazing service here in Australia :)